And after this?

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The greatest question pondered by man since the earliest documented sources we have show man’s curiosity about the universe, it’s beginnings, what is mans purpose and what comes after this life if anything at all?

Religions in their droves throughout the centuries have attempted to suffice man’s intrigue in this topic. Their success is evident in the hold and power religions still have to this day in spite of and exponential explosion in scientific discovery and progress since the turn of the 20th century.

To this day science’s answer to what happens to us when we die is non-existent. And it will always be as science depends on observation and unless you are dead you cannot observe what happens in the after life, and if you do and can observe there does not seem any possible way for dead scientist to channel this information back.

This is the reason I believe people still place their trust in religions. Humanity is genuinely scared/concerned about what comes in the here after. A large percentage of the population of the earth feel they don’t want to bet on the side of no after life “just in case,” I believe.

Is this inherent in all human beings? Is it something if we had no social conditioning for or against we would come to conclude for ourselves? I believe at some very profound and basic level, it is. Can I prove it? Some people would argue if you had enough time and money you could probably prove whatever you wanted!  The answer is no, but I believe if people were totally honest with themselves they would probably admit to it or at least wanting it to be true.

How I can conclude that is because of the premise I posed earlier in that Science has no answers whatsoever for what happens in eternity to come.

For most science has plausibly concluded most of the logical reasons on how life started on the planet and how the universe started. And most will conclude the answers science holds does away with whatever their religious beliefs are on the subject or will mold their beliefs or theology to suit. The only question that the scientists are trying to answer is what caused the universe without any implications of a deity. Which they are trying to do. However most people who know of the advances in this area of study are confident it can be and will be answered to a satisfactory degree without inference to a deity. So if science can explain how things came to be then religion isn’t necessarily needed in that regard.

Most people believe the character of a person, their soul, is what is eternal or everlasting. This is what goes onto nirvana/heaven/or reincarnated depending on your religious views. And most people believe this because I believe we are spiritual beings and these questions of the origins of the universe, the soul, the spirit all in themselves climax to this conclusion. There is something more to life than this.

What do you believe? If there is an afterlife, where are you going? How do you get there? Does everyone get there eventually? Is it something we can work out? If you are interested in what I believe look out for my next post.

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