“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” Earl Nightingale

I came across this quote on my quote of the day module on my side bar. It begs the question, are we capable of anything?

If we look through history and the amazing accomplishments that humankind has made it does make us realise that we as race strive for more and more and for better and better. We have an inborn curiosity and thirst for knowledge which we need to satisfy.

We are continually making new scientific breakthroughs, seeing more and finding out more of the galaxy and even just our own world. There is continual progress in engineering, you just have to look at places like Dubai to see amazing engineering accomplishments. We excel in the arts: music, drama and even dance, with a vast diverseness of creativity and interpretation which completely dazzles me, I came across this video of an eight year old kid on guitar and was completely amazed:

I would say that we are able to accomplish anything we put our minds to. If you want something bad and pursue it with determination I do believe you will get there if you are able to push yourself. Everything that has been made only started of as a thought, or theory, which was then acted upon or put into action and amazing things have come of it.

So where does this craving for more come from? I believe it’s the way God has wired us. God created us to thirst after more and the thing is there will be no satisfaction I believe except in Him. And that why I believe God has created us that way so that we will find our satisfaction in that only comes from being in Him.

But unfortunately even though we excel and have accomplished amazing things and are capable of even more, the human race has its regrets all through history. We have proved that we are capable of not only great good, but exceeding evil as well. You just have to turn on the news to see this. So who is responsible for that? God? I’m not too sure that God is to blame. And that’s the problem we place the mistakes we make and say well if God was loving enough it wouldn’t happen. We just need to stop placing the blame on anyone but ourselves when we mess up.

But you always find stories of great hope in the world which just shows we are not completely lost. I was down so a Soul Survivor festival when I came across this story of a Father and Disable son:

So in conclusion, we are capable of anything and are probably capable of more. Unfortunately that includes great evils but I think we need to focus on the hope that is constantly seen in us a human race, that we are caring loving, kind and generous and try to make those characteristic prominent in out own lives.

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