Heard on the news tonight about the Die with Dignity campaign. Is it our right to decide when we should die? Is it only for certian people with certain illnesses? Should people be allowed aid family members who want this?

These are tough questions. I watched all the different responses and to be honest I really dont know where I stand. I understand the arguments for the campaign and think they are reasonable and using only that I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

However from what I believe as part of my faith, life is sacred and death is something which God decides on. One arguement for, which actually made me speechless because I couldn’t think of an response to it was if by ending your own life you are playing God then isn’t saving someone’s life playing God also, yet we wouldn’t think of that as bad.

I know my faith says that murder is wrong, but there is some difference between killing and murdering. To be honest I don’t know exactly what I think about it, I really think I should have a stand on this, one way or another but I don’t want to make a stand soley based on the bible is against it so I am because I believe the bible, mainly because I do not know everything the bible says about the subject.
Just a few instances where killing happened in the bible: when David killied Golliath, it was not counted as sin when David took that action because the Philistines were oppressing the Jews, and there were countless times when they were in battle and killed thousands. And I know it’s not God’s will that anyone should suffer, but you could argue that we should be trusting that God will heal.

I think this is a serious issue we all need to take a stand on and not be indifferent about, but to do that we need to know all the facts and not just have an opinion based on little. I am going to look a lot more into this I think, and decide what my stand will be.

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