What can I do but think of You?
What Can I say but give You praise?
Your the only one who fully understands
What I’m going through.
And as I sing, I sing this prayer to You
And this is what I pray, “Dear Lord, Be near me each day:

Be near me as close as a mother holds her new born child
Take my hand as firm as a parent takes their child’s
Remove everything thats stopping me being as close as I was before
Be near me Lord I pray,
Remove the barrier away
Be near me Lord I pray,
Be near me Lord.”

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Why I wrote this…

There was a point in my life, there has been some others, where I just felt so distant from God and I hated it. There was lots of things that was happening at that stage in my life and I just didn’t want to get any further in to where I was. And I knew God was the onlly one who could understand what was happening and I really was just crying out for His closeness. So that’s how this song was birthed, with alot of tears in desperation for a closeness once again with my God.

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