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I am a fairly big fan of Rend’s music. They have captured a spirit of celebration, praise and worship in all of their albulms and done it in an authentic way. I love the folk/traditional sound of their worship.

When I saw that SMP Press, the website I submit my arrangements through, offered this on their Arrange Me program I jumped at the chance to do a quick little lead sheet of this to begin with. I hope to do a fuller arrangement in time.

The audio below will be replaced with a cover from myself using only the lead sheet I have up as a catalyst for the cover. This will give you an idea of how you can use a lead sheet to get a full arrangement of a piece. In the meantime enjoy the cover below and Rend showing us how its done in their video below.  


C Major throughout. 


Guitar (Chords)

Melody. Range: C4 – E5

Other Info

Written By: 

Rend Collective 


Lead Sheet




This Lead sheet of Build Your Kingdom Here b Rend Collective has all the information you need condensed into two pages to play this in a band. It has the melody for singers or for C instruments, and Chords which can be used for Guitar, mandolin, banjo and Bass and to work out a part for piano. Just let the drummer make do as they please. They do that anyway dont they?

The aim of this arrangement was to try and get everything needed to perform this piece of music within two pages of music at most and for the music to be as clear as possible. I believe with the clearly marked verse, chorus and Instrumental sections this is achieved however it would be worth looking over the music to know exactly where your repeating to and when you are using the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time through bars. The order it ends up in is the order of the original track although you can alter this to suit your needs.

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