Cinderella – Lead Sheet

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Since the first moment I heard this song I loved it. It really is a beautiful song from Steven Curtis Chapman. Made so much more poignant by the tragedy he and his family experienced after writing this song. Cinderella is a great song to learn, a lovely song for a father and daughter dance at their wedding. Very emotional, it is a tear jerker!

I was finding it really hard to find an arrangement my self to learn this so I quickly put together this lead sheet. I hope to do it more justice in time and do a full arrangement of it.

The audio below from soundcloud is not myself, but I hope to do a cover of this shortly using only my lead sheet as a guide so you can get a sense of how to fully use a lead sheet to make an entire arrangement.


Bb Major throughout.


Guitar (Chords) Melody. Range: Eb4 – F5

Other Info

Written By:

Steven Curtis Chapman


Lead Sheet: Melody, guitar chords and instrumental suggestions.


This simple lead sheet of “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman contains the intro instrumental melody each verse notated out with a repeat to the chorus. In Bb with capo chords on third fret for Guitarists.

Each verse is notated separately as the rythm and melody for each verse is slightly different. This makes it more clear as the chords are also slightly different at the end of the first chorus going into the second verse and the end of the second chorus with the extended instrumental/mid-eight section into the third verse. So basically depending on which verse you are going into will depend on where you jump to in the music at the end of the chorus

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