This blog is used to post a range of thoughts and discussions on life faith and music. Somethings you may not think is right or believe in. Let me know! I do not like deleting comments as I feel tolerable discussion fuels mutual respect. However I have few guidelines.

  • Profanity: Please refrain from using any cursing or swearing when commenting
  • Spamming: I do have a spam filter so anything that looks like a spam comment will automatically be taking care of. To ensure your comment isn’t counted as spam please make sure you do not add any more than two links in your comments should you wish to do so.
  • Relevancy: If it is not relevant to the post in question do not post it.
  • Anything which doesn’t add to the discussion i.e commenting vaguely “this is all rubbish” or “Good Job” whilst I don’t mind being told both that my thoughts are a load of rubbish or to be affirmed on writing and articulating my thoughts well if your comment does nothing to further peoples thoughts or adds anything regarding the topic please refrain from commenting. If you want to do either of these you can contact me using the form on the contact page.

I am not saying I will delete comments by people who do not regard these guidelines but I reserve the right to.

Please be enthusiastic about your view, please recommend books and websites you think will enlighten the discussion. If we can discuss under these guidelines I think we can have an interesting dialogue here.

Some posts will be personal about my own life which I put on here for posterity mainly things like life events and such like. So please refrain from commenting on these unless you are a friend or family member.

I think that is all!

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