Do you know why I am still awake?

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Well I don’t!!

This happens to me quite often I was really tired coming home after work. Decided not to go out with friends to have an early night because I was so tired. I went to bed early, woke up just not after not even 2 hours in bed and can’t get to sleep!

The more I think of it the more I realize … it has to be God. I don’t know if you have had an experience like this, probably when you were younger, you were staying at a friends, or friends were staying at yours. You can’t get to sleep because you want to spend time with your friends there is excitement  … or you are up before all your friends and because you want them to spend time with you wake them up too! Its not to be mean but so you can have their company and have fun!

You know, at times I believe this is exactly how God gets. He just longs to have time with us, and in a life filled of so much else He sometimes has to wake us up, sometimes only after a short sleep just so He can have that precious time with us.

God’s character is constantly seeking a deep relationship with His kids. I know some parents who wake their children up at Christmas time early because they are excited to spend that day with their kids and to show them their tokens of their love. That is exactly how God is with us.

This world will make us tired. It will give us 1001 things to do. It will fill our time with sometimes tedious and pointless things, and before we know it that valuable time God wants to spend with us we forfeit. And you know that time is too valuable to forfeit.

In that time God comfort. He guides. He lead. He consoles. He speaks. He reveals. He empowers. He molds. He shapes. He uplifts. He Encourages. He just wants to pour His love on us. There is no flow I would rather be under than that flow of His grace, mercy and love.

Every so often God does wake me up to spend this time with Him. He reminds of these things every time. I am so glad He is so patient with me because I forget the lesson each time, or rather just do my own thing and get caught up in the current of life that quickly draws me away from the torrent of His love. We need to be careful of this. We need to dive into His waters of love, frequently! Its only thing that will help wash of the pressures, stress, hurt, and everything this world will through at us.

Father God I am sorry for too often being carried away in the current of life
Help me to always spend time in the depths of your love,
Where grace and mercy give hope
Where truth and justice give strength
Where you remind me of who I am.
That I am loved, accepted, free and forgiven
And Fathered by the true and living God
Help this truth saturate within me so I will constantly yearn be in Your presence.
In the name of the Jesus, the Living Water.

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