You are the God who holds the world in
Your HandsYou are the God who holds my life in Your care
You are the God who created me to love
So I will love the one who gave His only Son

You are the God who before the world began
Had each day of my life already planned
And I will praise you for all that You have done
You came and died so I could be called Your Son

And You are always there to pick me up when I fall
And You hear my prayers everytime I call

You created every part of me
You love every part of me
Help me know that You love me
for who I am

You are the God who leaves nothing to chance
Every part of my life You have planned
Before I was born You already knew
So I will sit in awe of You

Help me fulfill Your purpose in me
Help me trust your path for me
I want to live life just holding Your hand
I want to be the man that You have planned

Why I wrote it …

We started a House group for young adults in our church and we studied the purpose driven life to begin with. And just the way Rick Warren puts forward about Gods love, amd His plan and purpose for my life. It hit me in a way it never before, how he ordained my life while I was in the womb. Its totally amazing when you think about it!

So thats why I wrote the song and to remind myself of that love, grace, plan and purpose that He has for me.

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