Again this post has been inspired by the quote of the day in the left hand panel: If you’re a gifted flirt then talking about the price of eggs is as good as any other subject.

I don’t know about you but I know some of the biggest flirts in the world. The thing is when your around people who flirt especially two flirts which are flirting with each other it actually becomes quite sickening.

Is flirting really nescessary? Or shouldn’t who you are just shine through and that becomes the attraction?

Lets deal with the first question. Take the example of someone who just flirts with anyone, is that nescearry? Absolutely not. Think about if you’re a guy flirting with every single girl you’re around that is going to get noticed and girls aren’t that stupid and they are not going to pay attention to flirting because they know it means nothing, and the same holds true if its a girl flirting with every guy.

Flirting is nescessary for one reason and one reason only to let someone know that you like them. If you do it to everyone people aren’t going to know if you like them or not. And I also think people in general find over flirting a bit off putting than anything else. I think there’s a fine line between flirting enough to get you’re point across that you like someone and over flirting, a point we need to be careful about crossing.

Should the person who you are shine through and that be the attraction? Yes but if people get attracted to how are you going to know they like you? And the answer to that is flirting, because people aren’t likely to just come out and say they have feelings for you, atleast not straight away.

So if your atrracted to someone flirt enough to let them know but please don’t over flirt and don’t go about flirting with everyone, no one is going to know who you are attracted to then.

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