Getting Fit for Truth

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I have recently purchased this new CD by Sara Groves called “Conversations.” I was playing at a church in Glasgow and they played a song called “He’s always been Faithful” which is a beautiful song of only three verses. Anyway as a result I researched the song when I got home and subsequently purchased the album.

Every song in it has something that gets you thinking. And the song that is the reason for this post is a song on the album called “The Word.” Here is a YouTube video of it so that you can hear it.

Each verse and indeed line gives you something to think about. What I mainly want to look at is the second verse:

People are getting fit for truth
Like they’re buying a new tailored suit
Does it fit across the shoulders
Does it fade when it get older
We throw ideas that aren’t in style
In the Salvation Army pile
And search for something more to meet our needs

This idea that people are buying into truth that they can make “fit” them, seems a very accurate representation of the world today.

You will hear people say “if it feels right for them it’s fine for them, but its not right for for me” conceding to the notion of “subjective” truth. That what is true is what we as individuals believe is true for us. So every one can do and believe anything they wish and that is permissible.

It seems like a great notion but, to me, it is riddled with futility and uncertainty. It makes things very unclear. It takes away from the meaning of truth which is “the quality or state of being true” Things are either true or false. You are either a man, or you are not. Whether you believe you are women when biologically you are man does not make you believing you are woman the truth.

A very simple illustration I grant but every ones individual truth can not be true. Something is either true or it is not. Maybe I am a very simplistic thinker, I will gladly concede that, but complicated isn’t necessarily better. To state everyone can have their own truth buries what truth actually is.

Now I am not claiming to have found the the truth but I am more than sure the truth has found me in the form of Jesus Christ. (Paraphrasing form another song on the album) I believe God is the standard for truth which we should pursue. That Jesus is the way the Truth and the life. And since I don’t buy into this subjective truth ideal, Jesus is the Truth. If you disagree you are wrong but if you by into this subjective truth you cannot judge me for being “wrong” because hey, it’s my truth.

That in itself is what is wrong with subjective truth. If you really believe that is the case you cannot judge anyone for what they believe to be right and true. To do so would disprove subjective truth is correct.

Also how the part which says “We throw ideas that aren’t in style on the salvation army pile as we search for something more that meets our needs” is so accurate of the world today. I think of ideas like marriage, sex before marriage, truth, respect are some to mention and for a large percentage of the world these ideas have been flung out and replaced with something else that meets our own taste and “style.” It seems sad to me. Values and morals that were once honored and revered are now relegated to the garbage dump. Why? Because they’re old. Well I have heard it said, “They don’t make them like they use to” and the older things in this world seem to be the things which last and stand the test of time and are reliable. They might need some TLC from time to time, but if you look after something of quality and worth it will last.

I think we all need to seek after truth. If you do this I believe rather than finding truth, Truth will find you right where you are when you need it. Lets not diminish what truth is but love truth and pursue it. In doing so we will find meaning and purpose.

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I have recently purchased this new CD by Sara Groves called "Conversations." I was playing at a church in Glasgow and they played a song called "He's always been Faithful" which is a beautiful song of only three verses. Anyway as a result I researched the song when I...

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