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What you need to start learning:

Below is a small list of recommendations of what to buy if you are considdering learning the Guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Pack

A decent priced starter kit for acoustic guitar. Yamaha make really nice sounding guitars at decent prices for the biginner musician. You can probably find cheaper, but it is worth paying atleast this to get a decent make. It will make the learning so much more enjoyable!

Electric Guitar Pack

This will be a great beginner kit if its electric you are getting into. Encore have been in the buisiness of making decent low cost guitars for years. Their acoustics are decent two. An encore was my first acoustic guitar!


Capo’s are the guitarists friend. Especially if you only know a few chords. By using a capo you can transform the few chords you know into whatever key you need to play in. A great way to play songs in the correct key using the chord shapes you alread know.


Trinity Rock and Pop guitar books for learning

Trinity Rock and Pop

Trinity have been one of leaders in music education for decades. Their most recent syllabus’ of their Rock and Pop grades are a great and fun way to learn the guitar.

From Radiohead to Paulo Nutini, Johnny Cash to the White Stripes, there are so many fun pieces to learn in a gradual and progressive way as you work through the graded books. Click on the pic to be taken to Amazon to buy.

My tuition fees

I am available for teaching guitar. If you need me to travel you must be within 10 – 15 minutes travel from Paisley.

Tuition Slots Available

Contact for lessons

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Barry has been teaching my son guitar for a few years now and he has always been punctual, friendly, flexible and patient. He is extremely talented and enjoys passing his knowledge and experience over to his students. Barry gets Callum involved in the song choices so he learns the types of songs he enjoys. All in all, I would highly recommend Barry to anyone keen to learn guitar.

Nicola Taylor

Mother of Student

Barry McCormick

Barry McCormick


I am Barry McCormick, a Scottish Musician. I compose and teach music privately. I have a strong faith and attend church weekly which influences my music alongside lifes everyday trials and celebrations.

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