He was pierced

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Like a Lamb led to the Slaughter
Walked my Lord to Calvary’s hill
Not a single word He uttered
To defend His innocence
It was for me that He stayed silent
To take the charge that was my own
So when I stand before the Father
He could plead in my defense

He was pierced for our transgressions
He was bruised for all my sin
All my punishment He suffered
So that I could find life in Him
It was for me He gladly suffered
To take the shame that was my own
To restore to Him that was precious
A lost child back into His care

And when He comes again in Glory
to Judge the living and the dead
faultless I’ll stand before the Father
Because of all my Saviour did
He gladly chose to bear my burden
He gladly died and suffered there
To make a way for all us sinners
To be called a child of God.

Why I wrote this …

We had a church weekend away there. I had a great time. Was a good time to get to know people more. On the Sunday we had a little service. One of the elders read from Isaiah 53 in preparation for communion.

Now this passage has been running around in my head for weeks! Now yesterday as I was at work a melody started working itself out in my mind. At the same time the words of “He was pierced for our transgressions He was bruised for our iniquities” was running though my mind. So I started to try and fit them so the melody I had. I succeeded and came up with a couple of lines of a verse. When I came home I started to get it down and tried to develop the lyrics.

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He was pierced

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