Her Rage and Beauty

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The power, the strength, the wonder.
Unseen yet evident.
On her wings she carries life giving seed
Placing and planting where she chooses
Landscapes are changed in an instant
When she chooses to express her creativity

She whirls and wisps through mountain valley paths
howling and whistling causing the grass to dance
and the trees to clap.
Giving herself a beat to sing to
Sharing her song with all who do not like to listen
Her sister, Rain, may join in with the percussion

Unbounded. Unnerving. Unsettling.
Inescapable is her rage should she be provoked.
What provokes her is a mystery.
What angers her we have no clue.
Could it be how we treat her Mother? Or how far from grace we’ve fallen?
Or how for too long we’ve ignored her groaning and her pain?

But there is a beauty in her quieter song.
When she is content and almost, still.
Spring and Summer seem to be her friend
And in their company her rage is calmed
She will cool you when the sun is beating you
refreshing you enough to go on.

Yes both rage and beauty are in her character
Which you will face you may never know
Whatever you get you will be filled
With wonder, respect and awe.

Thoughts behinds Her Rage and Beauty.

The lovely Renita Boyle started a “Prompt Party” on Facebook to get some inspiration for each day of the National Poetry Writing Month. Today on her blog she posted a prompt she used “I hate the wind. It unsettles me” Now with the poem I done yesterday about nature/creation I thought “could this be my muse for the day also.”

I contendn the idea about hating the wid. Because you don’t hate it all the time. You might hate it when it is against when you are cycling or it blows down your shed or causes damage to your property. But I always recall people calling for a cool breeze on a hot summers day. They don’t seem to hate the wind then in its gentler, calmer state.

So I wanted to give a more balanced view. Thinking about the power, wonder and destruction but balancing it with highlighting the beauty there is also in this tremendous force.

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