Why cant we see, that we are meant to be,
Set apart to be used by God?
Why can’t we see that we are Holy and set apart?

We’ve not to be like the world
we are sanctified and justified
We’ve to be transformed
and walk in the light

Why can’t we see, the world looks to you and me
to see whether we are, holy and set apart

It’s a scary thought, to think that what we do,
Can be the reason for the world to believe or not.

Why I wrote this …

I was astounded one day when I was talking to someone and they were telling about what someone had done to them. Both parties christian. What was done to this person upset them so much that they wondered why did they become a Christian, they were a new Christian and the other Christians who hurt them had been Christians for longer. They said to me “if I wasn’t a christian and they were the examples I had I wouldn’t want to become one.”

That got me thinking about how our actions have such an imapact on our witness and how what we do could make the difference in someone’s eternal salvation. We need to be, as Christians, set apart from the world and our actions shouldn’t deter those around us but be attractive to them, different from how others act.

So just remember there is always someone paying attention to your life, even if you dont nescesarily know, how are your actions going to affect their descision to live for God?

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