I’m waiting here, for Your loving hands to come and pick me up,
and take me to where I need to be
I’m sitting here listening out for Your word
For I need it comfort me, guide and strengthen me

I need your arms to carry me
I need Your hand, to lead me in Your way
I need Your word, to comfort me,
I need You

From the moment I rise, till the time I lay down
You are with me all through the day, to lead me in your way
Throughout the day, Your love is shown to me
Through the blessings You send to me, and they remind me what I need

So I thank You Lord, for Your loving hands,
That were nailed to the tree, pierced to set me free
Now I thank You Lord, for giving me Your word
For it reveals to me, everything that I need.

Why I wrote this …

This was a really early song I wrote when I was around 14/15. I can’t really remember why I wrote this, but I know around that time I was having a great time with God and was in a good place with Him so I wrote a few songs around that time to express my worship to Him. Sorry I can’t be more insightful than that for this one.

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