In Christ Alone|Guitar Arrangement

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This is one of the great modern Christian Hymn anthems of our generation. Known and sung in different tribes, tongues and continents through out the world, “In Christ Alone” has now been transcribed for solo guitar.

I have loved the melody in this and soon realised one day how it fits nicely under the fingers when I was trying out the melody on guitar. The natural result was this arrangement.

You can here this arrangement in the audio below and an earlier version of it in the video below along with Keith and Krysten Getty singing it. I prefer Stuart Townends rendition which you can purchase through the amazon link. 

The guitar sounds a little tinny and has some tuning issues when I recorded so I hope to do a better one soon. But the recording gives you a decent enough feel for the guitar arrangement. 


D Major throughou. (Subtle key/modal change for intro and between verses)


Guitar (Notation and Tab

Other Info

Written By: 

 Keith Getty and Stuart Townend








This Classical Guitar/Fingerstyle arrangement of In Christ Alone is suitable for intermediate to advanced players. It will stretch the Intermediate and will give the more advanced player a little challenge. In general the arrangement sits nicely under the fingers in the first position untill the position shifts in the second section.

A nice little piece for solo guitar, or as a duet with someone playing the harmony/Chords on another intstrument. If you want to play in the original key use a capo on the first fret. It could be used as an instrumental in a reflective part of the church service, possilbly as communion is happening.

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