It’s all about the harvest…

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Barry McCormick's Post|Its all about the harvest

I was certain I heard God speak the other day. He said to me “It’s all about the harvest”

And immediately for whatever reason that resonated with me. It simply helped me realise on what is important and it refocussed me. The harvest is what is important… as Christians we are God’s labourers in His vineyard and a good and bountiful harvest is down to the work we put in.

So realising this what does it mean really?

  1. We need to know the right season to plant in.
  2. Even though we cant see anything happening something is going on.
  3. We must work hard to ensure a good harvest.
  4. We must be faithful
  5. We must be patient.
  6. All the hard work will be worth it in the end

What we need to realise also is the harvest will be ready in it’s own time. Depending on what you are planting will depend on when it will be ready! And as wee sow seeds in different peoples lives the seeds may take various different lengths of time to come to any fruit.

God sopke to me through this song by Matt Redman, Surely the time has come. And Matt hints in this song that “Surely the time has come to bring the harvest home”

Now wether that harvest is a personal harvest of seeds I have sown or wether it is the seed the church I am in has sown in the community or maybe even the church worldwide …. I do believe the “fields are white unto harvest” and we just need to be faithful labourers to gather that harvest up in the right way in the right time, when the fruit is ripe.

SO remember it is all about the harvest. And remember the work you put in will pay off. Given time, the harvest will be ready.

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