Lord I come, just to worship You
Lord I bow, Just to exalt You
Lord I pray, just to hear You answer
Lord I wait, Just to see you fill this place

Come, come like You said You would
Come like you promised Lord, come Lord quickly come
Send, us to do Your will, in all the earth
Come Lord quickly come

Lord I go, just to praise your name
Lord I stand, ready to do Your will,
Lord I’m silent, just to hear you speak.
Lord I work Just to give the glory to You


Why I wrote this

I sat down one night after hearing a sermon about how the early believers would always look for Jesus to come back, they were in total expectation for the day Jesus would come back again and that’s how they lived.

So I really wanted to write a song which expressed that. As a Christian we have to anticipantly wait for when He will return and live as though it could be at anytime. Imagine the difference our lives would have if we lived like that all the time.

The verses talk about how we should live in our wait for Jesus’s return, and the chourus expresses our desire for that day to come soon.

So the song is really a reminder to that we dont know when Christ will return, so lets live as if it could be today.

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