Music. How much more spiritual can you get?

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You often hear Christians saying “I don’t understand how Scientists can study aspect of God’s creation and not see God in it” or “How can scientists say there is no God?” Which, if you are Christian with maybe limited Scientific knowledge is maybe a logical argument to make. Scientists look and see the complexities in the world, and in the universe. The relatively recent discovery of the “God particle” maybe eludes to a scientific concession it will never all be figured out or discovered.

I want to propose another argument. How can Musicians say “There is no God”? This is something I have been contemplating on for a good while.

IMG_0225Music is incredible. In my own personal opinion, but I am sure this view is held by many. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be record companies and musicians earning extortionate amounts of money making it their living!

Music can vary from highly complex pieces, to simple nursery rhymes. Music teaches. It can stir people up or sooth a troubled mind. Music is completely and totally inclusive despite ability, race, age, and gender. It is completely indiscriminate. All can enjoy music in some form.

You may have also noticed music plays a part in pretty much every religion throughout the world. Why? Because there is, I believe, something deeply and profoundly spiritual about music that is inexplicable. If you are a lover of music there is no question that music has the ability to touch your soul. That part of us that, we all know, is there but isn’t a physical part. It’s the part of us that aches when a loved one passes, the part of us that feels the joy a new born child gives, the part of us stirs us up to action, the part of us that feels regret… and I am sure you can list more.

Why is it music can access this part of us and, for instance, make us cry? It is because, I believe, music is made for a deeply spiritual purpose.

Unless you have performed can never know that feeling that a performance brings. It is electric. It is vastly spiritual. Unless you have sung in a choir you may never experience how amazing it is when the harmonies come together and how that lifts the spirits to a higher height.

Music is an continually changing interpretation. Two musicians can play the same piece of music vastly different. Why? Because that is the way their soul connects and see’s that piece of music. And also the same musician will maybe interpret the same piece of music differently as they mature and get older. Music is never old or retired!

Music is spiritual for both the hearer and the performer. The best performer knows how to convey the music to the heart. It’s the artists who do this who succeed in fulfilling the purpose of music – to engage our souls.

But there is something even more spiritual, for some reason, about singing. Why? I really couldn’t tell. Maybe it’s because it is part of us? Our own inbuilt musical instrument that is completely individual and unique to each person.

There is something unique about vocal performances. And I believe this is because the voice is our musical identity. I was happy playing my guitar in public but it took me a long while to be able have confidence to sing myself in public. Why? Because it is all laid bare with our voices. There is nothing to hide behind! Singing opens up the soul more so than playing a musical instrument. The best performances of songs are more often than not by performers who have felt the emotions the song portrays and can relay those emotions through their singing and touching the soul of the listeners.

I cannot think of anything more spiritual than music. Nothing quite engages more with that part of us we really can’t explain, but feel it’s there: our soul.

I believe it was created this way to help bring us closer to the Creator. You can feel free to disagree, but I am sure you can conclude at least this with me: it definitely touches your soul, your emotions. You just need to conclude for yourself what they are and where they come from. They certainly did not evolve.

Music. How much more spiritual can you get?

You often hear Christians saying "I don't understand how Scientists can study aspect of God's creation and not see God in it" or "How can scientists say there is no God?" Which, if you are Christian with maybe limited Scientific knowledge is maybe a logical argument...
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