When this life is hard and cold,
And you dont know where to turn,
And when you walk through the wilderness,
Lean on the King of Love,
And when you need someone to guide,
Lean on the loving king,
Then you can say what I’m about to sing,

My life is in the hands of God
And none shall take me from there,
And those same hands that secure me
guide me to where I need to be
When you walk in the road in the road of suffering
And all you feel is pain
And when you know just what it means for the Lord to give and take away
Then you’ll know why I sing these praises to the king
then you’ll say what I’m about to sing;

Why I wrote this …
I was around 17 and I was coming up to making a really big decision in my life and I was just worshipping God and wanted to express my reliance on Him for life for whatever was going to happen after making this decision.
I have always been fascinated by the fact that the same hands which hold the universe together are the same that pick us up when we fall, that wipe our tears away, that just take us and lead us. God’s hands come up in quite a bit of my songs and poems, the thought of what I have just described totally astounds me all the time.

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