As You took the hands of Your Son
To the tree where I nailed them to
Now Lord take my hands
That they would work for You

As You took the feet of my Saviour
To the beautiful tree where you nailed them to
May You take my feet and make them walk
In the path you want me to

As You took the head of my king
And then Crowned him there in shame
May you take my thoughts and let them be
honouring to Your name

As you took the heart of the King of Love
And peirced it on the tree
Lord my prayer, my desire
Is that in my heart You’ll reign over me

As you took the body of the Lord of Lords
And laid it in the grave
Lord take all my being that through You in me
The lost shall be saved

As with His final breth he gasped “It is finished”
Now I finish by praying this “Lord take all of me”

Why I wrote this …

This was the first ever poem I had written. I was cycling round Milport, on a camp, got about a third of the way around the island sat thinking and my thoughts came to the cross and how I wanted to give something back.

So I looked at everything that Christ gave for me, his hands, feet etc, and as a parallel in the poem give that back by asking God to take it. I wrote this at the time when I first believed strongly God calling me into something fairly substantial, which I still do not know entirely what it is but trying to be patient and waiting for when He will reveal His plan for me.

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