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I have always loved the idea of working making arrangements of songs and putting them out there for people to use. Now, through SMP Press from sheet music plus I can now do this free lance.

I will be selling my music there exclusively. I currently have three pieces up there at the moment. I am working through some songs on a pre-approved list (for copyright) from sheet music plus. My three pieces currently consist of one guitar arrangement, and two lead sheets.

There is currently a list of 1000 songs which are pre-approved in terms of copyright. This is more than enough to keep me going. What I am doing is I am looking at pieces which have no arrangements by others in the program done. This way mine are the first and will hopefully eventually come out on top.

On top of this list I will be adding my own catalogue of songs and compositions I have written myself. So here is the best place to stay tuned for what I am doing if you are interested in purchasing the music and helping me out in that way as I endeavor to make music my full time income.

So you can get yourself over to sheet music plus by clicking the log to the right and it will take you to the page of pieces I have submitted.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions. Maybe music you have been trying to get for a while but cant seem to find it/locate it or the ones you have come across just are not adequate enough. Or if you would like a piece arranged for certain instrumentation or choir let me know.

Total Sheet Music for Arrangements, Songs and Compositions on:

Barry McCormick on Sheet Music Plus

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