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High School

In my teen years I went to St. Andrews Academy in Paisley. I achieved Credit in all of my Standard Grades, Music obviously being one of them. I then attained 5 Highers: Music, Maths, Physics, French and English (A, A, B, B, C respectively.) I then went onto do three Advanced Highers: Music, Maths and Graphic Communication (A, B, C.)

Higher Education

After a year out I studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, now known as the Royal Conservatiore of Scotland,  where I completed 2 years of the B.Ed Music Course leaving due to personal circumstance and being awarded a Diploma in Music with Higher Education.


Music Experience

I have had a wealth of experience musically over the years. This was down to great music teachers who were passionate about music and encouraged me to be the best I could be. This is a big reason why I teach music privately because it is a gift which must be shared.


All throughout my music studies I have performed. In a Celtic Band and Jazz Band in my teens. Our Celtic Band toured in Europe for a couple of weeks playing at different venues and grandstands basing ourselves in Holland. Also throughout school acompanying singers as they performed for different events.

I have also played at several weddings as part of wedding ceremonies. There have also been a number of events which I have performed in from ceilidhs to fundraisers. Not forgetting every week at church where I am responsible for the music side of the worship there.


I love to create music. I have had a keen interest ever since school. I can get completely lost in writing a score or a song or an arrangent. I am possibly better at composing than performing. Mainly because I am slightly introverted and thoughtful. I have written numerous songs, some about faith, some about politics and Instrumentals too.


For the past 14 years I have been teaching in some capacity. From helping in classrooms as a pupil with younger pupils to one to one tuiton; class room teaching as part of my course at the RSAMD, and group teaching. I have had experience teaching all different age groups and different backgrounds. Seven years old is the youngest I have taught so far.

In June 2014 I was asked to be the tutor of a guitar group which was trying to establish itself in Paisley. They have since been awarded numerous grants to help them in their aim.

Guitar is my main area of expertise closely followed by piano then bass guitar. I offer tuition in all of theese instruments.

Other Experience

I have had the priveledge of a wide range of experiences as part of and outwith my music life.


I took part in Project Scotland, a goverment initiative to help give young people development and skills in different areas. I was placed with a youth project working with churches and young people, helping to encourage them and bring out their potential.

I also have been to Swaziland and South Africa with different charities. In Swaziland we helped in the hospital and cleaned and decorated the childrens ward. I spent 3 months in South Africa working with a local NGO Philangethemba, an outreach of St Agnes Church in Kloof. There we worked mainly in the schools and with the Child Development Centres orgainising activities and games for the children.

Youth/Childrens Work

I have helped at and run numerous childrens/youth clubs since I was 16. I found this work both rewarding and very tiring. I enjoyed engaging with the children/youth, trying to make a positive impact and be a good role model.

Management Experience

I also have managerial experience through working in a fast food restaurant.


I arrange music and put them for sale on Below is a a the list of my arrangements that you can find there.



Build Your Kingdom Here (Rend Collective): Lead Sheet


Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman): Lead Sheet







In Christ Alone (K.Getty, S.Townend): Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement


















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