This piece of music by Bartalome Calatuyud has four sections: Section 1, which is the introductory eight bars; Section II, which is first main section of 16 bars which is repeated; Section III which is a little repeated eight bar phrase with a bar tagged on at the end to serve as a conection to the final section; Section IV which is another repeated 16 bar phrase with a first and second time bar to finish the piece. You can think of it as ABBCCDD

The initial section merely serves to set the harmonic scene as it were, A minor. This is simply and effectively achieved by going through arpeggiated chords i and V in the first four bars and repeating of the dominant Chord V in the preceding bars.

The second section immediately introduces the main rhythmic motif used in the two main sections of the piece, B and D. This is Cataluyud’s use of syncopation between the simple two crochets per bar rhythm of the bass part and the quaver – crochet – quaver rhythm of the melodic part. This section has two main eight bar phrases. The first begins and ends with the tonic chord with a perfect cadence. The second phrase begins with the dominant giving a little distinction from the first phrase along with the taking a slightly different shape. Each of the eight bar phrases concludes with a break from the main rhymic motive which is actually quite welcoming to the ears and melodically it is just arpegiating down two of the notes in each of the chord harmonies implied. Infact the melody in general for the first section stays strictly with the note of chords i and V/V7 of the scale.

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