Perfect Day|Guitar Arrangement

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One of the masterpieces of Lou Reed’s catalogue, Perfect Day was one of the songs my Guitar teacher taught me and that I now also teach to my pupils. 

I saw the potential for a guitar arrangement of this a good while ago while messing about as my pupils strummed the chords. So I developed it into the arrangement I have today. 

Below is a recording of the arrangement to help you decide if you would like to buy it over at If you decide you would like to get the music (with TAB) then use the Buy Now buttons below the description.

I hope you enjoy listening and your purchase should you wish to do so!


A minor to A Major 


Guitar (Notation and Tab)

Other Info

Written By: 

Lou Reed


Score and Parts


This is a nice guitar arrangement of Lou Reed’s classic song Perfect Day. This arrangement takes the melody and adds an accompaniment to make a solo guitar piece. The chords are included so that accompaniment on other instruments could be added to a performance if desired. All in all the piece last just over 4 minutes.

Where Could I use this?
I think this piece would be well suited in a performing repertoire of background music at a function. Also it would be nice in a set for a wedding, maybe as guests arrive or as they are having their meal.

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