Sadness is a state of mind,
an emotion, triggered by circumstance
Like loss, or hurt
Or some other happenstance

What makes us sad?
Why do we get this way?
Can’t we just not think and forget
What makes us feel this way?

But I think to do so
Would be the greatest injustice of all
You see sadness really means
That at least we have loved at all

For how can one be sad
If they have not received or freely given
The greatest gift that one could give
Love, which makes life worth living?

You see the greatest sorrow
Comes when our gifts are undervalued,
And more so when they get broken,
torn or when no one says “Thank You”

And so when someone takes our love and abuses it
Or refuses to give us any in return
That is why we feel sadness
For our souls simply long

That someone would not squander
A gift so thoughtfully given
Or refuse to give a gift
which makes life worth the living

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