Sapphire blue eyes ….

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Today many of you will know it was the Funeral of Amy Winehouse. A famous singer and recording artist. Very controversial, she lived life with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. She is not the reason for this post. For if you knew the person this post is about you really would not be concerned with the person of fame I have mentioned.

This person was a beautiful lady. She can be described as one of the nicest people that have lived in this planet. She was a person who made time for people. She always new everything that was happening with everyone. Not because she was nosy or a gossip. But simply because she genuinely cared enough to find out what was happening in peoples lives.

Her name is Audrey McPhail. Her funeral service was today. And if the world knew of how deeply she loved and cared for others, her story would be all over the news and not that of tragic superstar who wasted her life to an addiction.

It was really a lovely service today, held in Hopehall Evangelical Church. The sun shone so brightly through out the whole day, I believe that was because God was pleased to have Audrey with Him, face to face. I know it says in the Bible “God favours no man” but if I was God, Audrey would have certainly have been one my favourite children. And that’s why God simply could not wait any longer to see her.

There was a brief message given and he commented on Audrey’s eyes. And you know he was right, they were beautiful eyes. And if you knew Audrey you will always remember that about her. You could see how much she loved and cared because it showed in her eyes. So from that came these following thoughts:

Her sapphire blue eyes could hold the attention of all who gazed upon them
So pure, so deep, so beautiful,
They sparkled while conveying a message of total concern and love

She truly lived a life of love and care and complete compassion,
Never faltering, always faithful, never doubting,
Her life truly shone as a light for all to see the love of the Father

You knew she loved God.
No one else could convey the genuine love and compassion she had otherwise.
You knew she loved people.
No one else would spend as much time with people, chatting, talking,
really getting to know people unless they genuinely loved and were totally concerned.
She did.

And now we feel sad because those loving sapphire blue eyes are closed.
Never to behold this world again.
But I have a theory, which cannot really be proven but I believe it is true.
That the Father simply could not wait any longer,
His patience was wearing thin,
He longed to look on his daughter so much
He had to close her eyes to this world,
So He could see her, face to face,
so he could now look upon her sapphire blue eyes for the rest of eternity.

I really hope this simple tribute to an incredible, lovely, loving, caring women has touched you in some and  hope this testimony of who she was impacts your life as much as she impacted others.

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