There has always been rivalry between Scotland and England which has sprung from historical strife and war between the two nations. However that was centuries ago, is there reason for it to exist today?

Reason this is on my mind is because I was in a conversion with people about it and was told one English person said they never used to call themselves english untill they moved to Scotland, whereas before they would have said they were Brittish. What changed their veiw was how us Scotts always comment and throw around passive remarks, jokes or insults about the english.

So why is there this strife or emnity between the Scots and English, or is it mainly from Scots towards the English? If you look throughout history no country which was invaded and governed by an outside ruling country generally never got on with the authority which had invaded, the same is true if one country was oppressed by another country. Is that the sole reason why some Scots are so anti English in their remarks?

I believe for any nation when its an issue like this where there has been long historic dispute that a sense of national pride, independance and patriotism takes over. We justify our grievances based on events of the past that weren’t pleasing but the fact is its our inborn desire as part of a nation to be independant and self governing which perpetuates the striving against our English neighbours. Is that a good enough reason? Is that any reason at all?

As someone once said to me, “its all a matter of pride, why does a tiny country like Scotland insist on printing its own money when there is nothing wrong with English notes?” And if you think about it, it is all a matter of pride and Scots are well known for their patriotism and national pride.

Scots have never liked the idea of being part of Brittain, and if you ask most Scots they will not say they are Brittish but will say Scottish. But have they forgotton the reason for the union of the crowns was because of a Scottish King? James VI of Scotland became James I of England and united the crowns.

I have to confess I do find it funny when jokes about the english are made, but i also find jokes about other nations funny too. And I will say them aswell. Should I? I personally do not take offence if someone jokes about the Scots, again should I? Or should I be more considerate to the feelings of others?

At the end of the day we should try not to offend and I do try. But people are different and take things in different ways but it is always important to remember the impact of our words. I personally have lots of English friends and I’m sure alot of other Scots do too and those are relationships I’m sure people dont want to be broken, but it could happen if through our patriotism we say the wrong thing at the wrong moment.

Will the Scots/English thing ever go away or be resolved? To be honest, may be not, if so it may take a little while yet. Do us Scots have to stop bringing up events of the past? I think in the long run it would be wise. If you want independance that’s not nescesary a wrong thing to desire but you can pursue it and chase after it without bringing down our English neighbours. If we want to go forward we need to look forward and not backwards.

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