I know it’s hard to believe when you look at me, but yes I am obese. According to my 1byone app which I have recently downloaded.

My lifestyle in the past few years has changed. Particularly since I started driving there has been a particular correlation in terms of my health and physique. Shall we just say I started growing out the way. Mostly in part because I stopped walking. I used to walk, everywhere. Without any issue. I never gave it a second thought to take a hike to church or work or to the shops. But now, because of the car I have become a little more lazy.

So I have an aim to reduce my weight to an healthy level. I am simply going to be more conscious regarding what I eat. Not particularly going to go on “a diet” just going to eat less of what I shouldn’t be, have the correct portions sizes – no overindulgence, and exercise more. Simple. Hopefully the result will be a healthier me!

I will update on here periodically with my progress. Currently I am at 96kg with around 69% muscle weight and the rest just fat. SO need to reduce that. Until next time.

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