The Lost Thought

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As I sit down to try to write a stanza or two, or three
I cast my mind to any thoughts that may be noteworthy
But as I sit and think my mind begins to wander
Between ideas big and small of which am I fonder?

The thought of love which always captivates
The romantic and those longing
To know love and give love
To the object of their affection

Or maybe of friendship and the rock they can be
When troubles and fears dismay
Which is worthy, which shall I write
What shall I imprint on my pages here?

Or family and loved ones,
Young and old, present or departed
Maybe about good old uncle Sam
Who could clear a house when he farted.

Maybe just normal everyday life
My job, my hobby or my general musings
I’ve thought of quite a bit now
Now it’s time to start choosing

But by now the hours have past
Its time to rest and I am no way further forward
But I remember a small thought that crossed my mind
What was it? I cant remember!

All I remember now is saying
“I must note that down”
But my thoughts then distracted me for hours
And that memory is no where to be found.

So now instead of something fun,
or romantic or inspiring
My page is marked with all these words
Not saying much, but at least it’s something.

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