The Man I want to Be

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What is the definition of a man? What value has he?
Is it measured in the size of his heart or in his muscle capacity?
What kind of man do I want to be?

A man of integrity. Who knows truth and and lives by it
Who walks in humility and love.
A man who’s nature is gentle and fair
Who walks hand in hand with God above.

Should God bless me with a wife, how would I be?
I pray my love for her would flow unreservedly.
That I would be slow to anger. Hold my tongue.
Respect her. Cherish her. That we would be completely, one.

My love for her would be an example to our kids, should we be granted that joy!
A boy, two girls maybe another boy?
Maybe more maybe less, however many God may grant
So that I will be taught more of love, more of God’s heart.

Should my hand ever been turned to discipline
I pray my children would know
It is only because I love them.
What is right and wrong they need to know.

For in this world in which standards vary,
And fall short of God’s amazing, blessed way.
In this way there is life and truth
It is filled with wisdom and love in all that you will do.

In this way I pray my children will walk.
Knowing God. Knowing Love. Knowing Truth.
That their way will be straight and sure and known
As they have seen in the example that I have, through God’s grace, shown.

I hope I would be a father who is strong and leads
I would be there for my wife and for my kids
That they would know my love unreservedly
That we would grow in love, in God, and Him alone serve.

This is the man I want to be:
an example of Christ in my family.
Full of Mercy. Full of Grace.
Full of Love completely

And when I fail, and failures there may be
May it only serve to show how much grace that I need
And may they see and know God’s forgiveness in it all
Seeing that I, though a wretched sinner,
God’s mercy and grace on even me, befalls.

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