The Unnoticed Symphony

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Pigments pierce through the dark, royal blue canvass
Round and bright they begin to take their form
As they rise a symphony begins
Creation joining together, uniting in song.

The hue’s in the blues are much lighter now, and the tempo has picked up
The stillness interrupted by the stirrings of life
But all the beauty and majesty of this art and composition
have gone unnoticed
As wanderers rush around to do their work.

They go to and fro, here and there
Everywhere, yet they fail to see
The splendor and wonder around them
The spectacle of creation’s symphony

Downbeat and shackled by work and stress
their heads are too heavy to lift up
But if they put in the effort and raised their eyes they’d see
Peace can be found in beauty. Rest found in complete love.

But I see hope as I see a couple walking, holding hands
And friends sharing a warm embrace
The women sitting on a park bench just taking in
The song, the dance and the art.

Now that fiery globe in the canvass blue
faithfully keeps its course and timing
Giving light, giving warmth, giving life
To all whom it shines on and passes.

It shows no indifference, no favor to any
Whether you notice it’s work or wander unaware
God’s daily reminder of grace undeserved
A sign of His love and faithfulness.

Its course now coming to end
The canvass becomes dark and the music, still
Resetting itself for the next song and dance
Beginning anew when the morrow comes.

Thoughts behind The Unnoticed Symphony

I have always found the world around me such a point of inspiration, wonder and awe. There is so much which goes on around us that we simply are completely oblivious too as people who work and need to get stuff done daily.

There is so much beauty and majesty around us. I fear ever more it goes unnoticed as we pursue career, and all the entanglements of this world. So I wrote this for us all to keep in mind to take a moment and look up. To look out for the love and beauty there is around us.

Also to know that tomorrow is a new day. A new day of grace and new day of hope. If we failed to notice the symphony today lets take a moment for it tomorrow.


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