Thoughts on the Word: Psalm 16

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I was listening to a sermon by John Piper, one of my favourite preachers to listen to. He just always clearly conveys God’s word succinctly and accurately. It is never a wasted hour listening to one of his sermons.

The passage he was looking at was Psalm 16. He brought out some very interesting points. You can see his sermon HERE. Essentially Piper says the main point of this Psalm is:

God will bring you body and soul through life and death into full and everlasting pleasure if God is your safest refuge your supreme treasure, your sovereign Lord and trusted Counsellor.

After meditiating on it more and more God was speaking to me through the words in terms of my worship of Him.

If you look at the first verse the Psalmist, in this case David, is crying out to God; “Preserve me” This Psalm is a prayer. The Psalm changes in my opinion from a tone of timidity to victory. I sense David’s tone as coming to God at the start of this Psalm possibly feeling a little down, anxious, worried, and it causes him to ask of His Lord “Preserve me” There is a sense of maybe a little fear in those words? Maybe fear of death?

Contrast that beginning to the end of the Psalm:

“You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fulness of joy; At your right hand there are pleasures forevermore”

How dramatic a change is that. David goes from “God I am little bit afraid, uncertain of the future, I am worried.” to “There is joy in your presence and pleasures at your right hand” What changes this mindset in David?

If you look at the verses in between it gives you the answer. David does not focus on why he is asking for God to preserve him or as some translations say, rescue him. He puts his entire focus on God and the character of God.

Verse 1: He puts his trust in God; Verse 2: Declares God as his Lord (Sovereign); Verse 3; He surrounds himself with the “Saints” the believers/faithful; Verse 4: He refuses to worship another God and never to even speak of another; Verse 5: He declares God is his everything; Verse 7: He recieves his counsel and instruction from God; Verse 8; He puts God at the fore of his life; Verse 9-10; His hope in the assurance of what God is going to do through Christ.

What can we learn from this? Simply make God the centre of everything. That is worship, complete focus on Him. Look to him for counsel, instruction. Rest assured in His faithfullness and promises. From that will flow an amazing sense of victory and assurance which will give confidence not sourced in ourselves but in who God is, and that confidence will never diminish.

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