What is Love?

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What is Love? Can it be shown?
Is it felt or simply known?
Can it be touched or shaped or moulded?
Is it tangible? Lets try to unfold it.

It is more than mere thoughts or words and deeds
It is felt and known but it is more indeed.
We scramble through life searching for this
But maybe in spite of our searching we have simply missed it?

Is it simply there resting in a fathers eyes?
As he looks on his daughter, a beautiful bride
It is hoping, longing that the groom will be
all the blessing and love she will forever need

Or maybe its in the smile of new baby born
Looking up to their mother all snugged up and warm
The realization that this person will be
Their protection, their guide and all they will need

Is it there when a child takes their parents hand?
As they walk throughout the unknown land
Knowing there is strength and safety there
That they do not need to doubt or have any fear

Is it there in the tears that fall when a mother dies?
The well spring that breaks because there lifeless she lies.
It’s the overflow that shows just how much she meant
And how she was a pillar of strength on which we lent.

You can find it there in the embrace of a friend
The recognition of love and acceptance
They have chosen you and let you be
A part of their life an extension of their family

The truth is if you step back an look you’ll see
Love is everywhere and love can be
Seen in the tear, the smile, the eyes, the face
In the grasp of hand and in a friends embrace
It can be seen in these but yet it is more

Yes love is patient, kind and forgiving.
But it is more than what has been and can be explained.
It is more than mere sentiments and words which may be true.
Love is alive in me and in you.

How we let this love work through us and in us
Is a choice that we must make.
Will we let it shine or keep it dim
What course shall we take?

All I know is this world needs Light.
So that all can see.
It is wrong for us to hide our light
We need to let it shine free.

For if we give this gift of love
Unbounded and unrestrained
There would be a shift from doubt and fear
To where there is hope and the end of tears

Love is best given with no condition
For this is when love is most efficient
When we embrace it and give it in its fulness we’ll see
Love is the answer to our every need.

What is Love?

What is Love? Can it be shown? Is it felt or simply known? Can it be touched or shaped or moulded? Is it tangible? Lets try to unfold it. It is more than mere thoughts or words and deeds It is felt and known but it is more indeed. We scramble through life searching...
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