When I come to worship You
Lord I come silent,
Because I dont have the words to describe
How wonderful You are

And no, no words can tell,
And no tongue can speak
Of how great You are
Nor of Your majesty

When I come to worship You
What else can I do
But be silent

Why I wrote this …

One night I really wanted to write a song, so I sat down with my guitar and had some chords I wanted to use, but no words came to my head at all. So the thoughts of my mind got onto the idea of silence and how God is so great that really no words can say how amazing He is no matter how hard we try, and also the importance for just coming before God in silence.

So I took those thoughts about silence and made them into a song. It’s kind of an oxymoron singing about silence, but it is just to remind us of the importance silence plays in our worship to come before God and just listen to His voice.

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