I don’t know about you but that video brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it. It’s simply beautiful the sentiment and reason behind the song, and if you look further into it on You Tube you will see further depths to the song and what it means for Steven Curtis Chapman and even his family.

Time runs out. It is something we cant controll, we cant make time longer or speed it up no matter how much we would want to. We can all relate to loosing someone in someway; people emigrating or migrating, or when someone passes away. People constantly come in and out our lives. When some leave it is total and final, when others leave you may see them now and then. But in everysingle one of our relationships, sadly the clock will strike midnight on all, if not most of the relationships we have.

In his song, Chapman is specifically talking about his relationship with his kids how they will eventually grow up and leave home and it’s about cherishing every single moment with them.

That is what is important. I didn’t make this post to make you depressed buy highlighting how finite things are, but more so to get us all thinking and realising that yes, we can not control time, but what can control is how we spend that time.

There’s a song by Chris Rice which always goes round in my head and the lyrics go;

every day is a gift you’ve been given, make the most of the time every minute your livin”

And that is exactly how we need to live. I was going to title this post, “Live every minute as if it’s your last” but some people take that and make it mean that you need to go out and party all the time, get wasted, have sex and just have fun. That is not what I mean when I talk about living every moment as if it’s your last, I’m talking about cherishing the time you have and what you do.

Our friends and family are truly a gift, even though there maybe times when we doubt that. And we really can not ever take them for granted. That’s why I wrote the poem For Granted. On this earth people are never going to be around forever, so we really need to cherish each and every single moment with them. Each second is precious, each hour invaluable, each day is priceless.

How should we act with this revelation that someday soon the clock will strike midnight? We should just simply live every moment with a smile and aiming to give others a reason to smile. If we all lived by this totally each day, cherishing each momment, the world would change, of that I have no doubts. So how is the change going to start? Well you have just read this so it is up to you how you act on it. I personally do try to cherish each moment, and it’s hard because time goes too fast.

The clock will strike midnight and we have no control over that in the slightest. So let us cherish each moment till then and by doing that those moments will be eternal.

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