I have been to Africa the past two years on mission, some people may refer to them as humanitarian trips. The video above shows what I did the last time when I went to South Africa to work with an Anglican Church, St Agnes Kloof, with their outreach charity Philangethemba.

Why spend a summer doing this?

I firmly believe with all my heart that if you want things to change for the good the only way it is going to happen is if you in some way are apart of that change. It touched me when I heard stories of people who had gone out and made a difference and knowing that I would not be satisfied untill I made a difference no matter how small it may be I had to go.

The thing is alot of people want things to change for the better but sit back and think it will happen eventually. The things is it doesn’t happen that way. If you know something needs to change you need to push for that change. If that means helping a child or a family get food for the year then do that, if that means badgering parliment, then do that. Whatever it is the only way things will change is if you make a noise about it.

Have you seen Bruce Almighty? At the end when he is at the blood drive and he says “Be the miracle” thats the only way things will change is if you become part of the change and be that miracle.

There is so much poverty and injustice in the world, you encounter it in some form everyday, and it isn’t right and it is certainly not fair. Especially when you know that if we gave what we spent on ice cream to help the cause of the poor then that would be more than enough to help those in need.

There are a couple of other reasons why I go on these trips. Firstly it is hugely rewarding to know that you are doing something that is of worth and of value. It helps put things back into perspective for you. Secondly because of my faith which calls me as a christian to make a difference, go the extra mile, and help the poor and needy.

If there’s two things I want to bring out by sharing this it is be the difference and please don’t become passive do something even if it may be something small.

Any updates on other mission trips I plan to go on I will keep you informed here.

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