Why I walk you home …

by | Poetry, Writing

It may be due to some ancient code
Written in my DNA
From an almost forgotten notion of ages past
When men were gentlemanly

Maybe how I was brought up was a factor
In why I carry out this deed
Why whenever I can I like to make sure
Someone gets safely to where they need,

These may be part of the reason
I choose to walk you home
But if I’m honest there are maybe more
reasons that are not known

Like how I treasure the extra time
It gives me to be with you
Time which would be lost should I let you depart
With only a hug and saying “goodbye” to you

This time helps me to find out more
about all that is in your heart
How I purposefully ask the right questions
Which I know you cant stop answering when you start

And you always feel you need to apologize
When you believe you have ranted on
But I would have it no other way
I love to hear your hearts song

And sometimes when we’re silent
As we walk up the hill
Maybe because thoughts or words elude
or our hearts are simply still

Still in the comfort of knowing
the friendship which we share
Needs no words or reason
as we walk together there

For a good friend likes to hear
all about your day
But a true friend feels at home right by your side
when you have nothing left to say

I do treasure hearing
The song that’s in your heart
But when the song is silent as we walk
That moment I cherish because that moment of your life I have been apart

No matter how brief it may be till I know
“you have got safely home”
Each second to me is precious
Because time is so fleeting and life rushes on

So I make up the excuse that,
“I cant let you walk alone”
But all I want to do is spend some extra moments with you
That is the reason why I walk you home.

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