Guitar and Piano Lessons in Paisley

Barry is a local Paisley musician with a Diploma in Music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Currently studying an MA in Music at Glasgow. With nearing 15 years of experience with young and older pupils from classroom and group settings to one to one tuition Barry is well suited for any learner at any stage in their musical development.

Musician for Hire

From weddings to fundraisers and all that is in between Barry has had experience playing at numerous events. Should you need a musician for hire for a wedding or any other function please get in touch .

Composer and Arranger

Barry has written over 70 songs, several instrumental pieces and arranges popular music which he publishes through Barry’s main influences are traditional Scottish and Irish Music, Spanish guitar music, fingerstyle guitar, Christian and Gospel music. Most of his songs are influenced by his journey of faith and he has a selection of arrangements which he started making in aiding in the teaching of his pupils.

Music at Paisley’s heart …

Paisley’s has a modest share of chart topping artists: Kellie Marie; Gerry Rafferty; David Sneddon and, most recently, Paolo Nuttini. We do nurture some decent talent. There is the spree festival which showcases many musicians from some local bands through to the likes of Dougie McClean and Eddie Reader. There are numerous live venues throughout the town and several open mic nights popping up in places like Blend Café and Five Corner Room. Paisley is a great place to get into music and get opportunities to actually play. If you have been thinking about getting lessons for yourself or maybe your child, there are a whole host of options!

Where to get Music lessons in Paisley …

There are some great music schools and establishments which offer lessons in guitar and piano and other instruments as well as individual tutors. They are really great but here’s some reasons why you should get your lessons from me 🙂

  1. 15 years Teaching Experience – I have taught in Classrooms, in group settings, in one to one settings. Also I have taught from seven year olds to 40+ years of age.
  2. I teach in partnership with my pupils. My main aim is for my pupils to learn what they want to learn to get the enjoyment they want to get from learning music. I do not strictly adhere to a set curriculum or syllabus, unless specifically desired by pupils/parents, but pull resources together to cater to the needs of each individual student. I also constantly take requests from pupils about what songs they want to do and plan my teaching in accordance to those aims, all the while ensuring my pupils learn what they need to know while working towards playing the music they love.
  3. Costs – I believe my fee’s are fair for the service I provide. Music schools may seem like a good choice and many are, however, their overheads are higher and that is reflected in their pricing for lessons.
  4. I travel – I come to you. If that is what you would prefer. You don’t really get this option as part of music school.
  5. I have Diploma in Music from the RCS and currently studying an MA in Music at Glasgow.
  6. Lastly, if those are not enough reasons, I need to eat!!!

Seriously though, not learning an instrument is one of the top regrets of many people, don’t let it be yours! I am available for lessons in guitar and piano and can also teach Bass and Ukulele is desired. So get in touch if you are interested and I will try to accommodate you.

I write music too!

I am a keen composer and also arrange music. I have written over 70 songs dealing mainly with faith and love. I have also written several instrumental pieces. 

I also do arrangements for songs to make them the required level for my pupils whether that be easy versions or hard ones. All of my music I sell online through sheet music plus.


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