Everyone knows the expression that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But in ancient times, people believed that the mirror of the soul is the voice. The famous philosopher Osho said that the voice is the source of dawn and true freedom. And according to Hazrat Inayat Khan, an Indian philosopher, knowledge of the secrets of sounds makes it possible to know the true secrets of the Universe.

The voice is the main instrument of communication and interaction between people. The voice allows you to win over a person, or push him away. It tells us more about a person than the eyes. They can be hidden under dark glasses, look away. And there are people, as they say, “with glassy eyes”, according to whose expression it is impossible to understand anything at all.

While the voice can tell a lot about the internal state of the interlocutor:

  • If a person interrupts and begins, without listening to the end, to answer him, he is annoyed or scared.
  • The accelerated pace speaks of uncertainty.
  • Raises his voice when he loses control.
  • Gets off – lies, etc.

But, you can learn to control your voice. This will help the vocal school Kyiv. Just as professional actors learn in acting schools to express any emotion and evoke it in the audience, vocal courses also allow you to control your voice and use it as a powerful tool for harmonizing your own inner world and establishing communications with others.

The voice is a calling card of a person. Vocal lessons allow you to make it beautiful and strong.

Why singing lessons heal and rejuvenate

Breathing is the basis of life. And the main task of any student of the vocal school for beginners is to learn how to breathe correctly. A person may not drink or eat for a long time. But he can not breathe for more than a few minutes. The state of the body depends more on how a person breathes than on what he eats and drinks.

Scientists say that in everyday life a person uses only the upper part of the lungs, which is 1/5 of their total volume. And the lungs are the main element of the metabolic process in the body. When gas exchange is disturbed, the body reacts very quickly. The main first signs are an unhealthy skin condition.

How vocal lessons work on the body

Regular singing lessons force the students of the vocal school to constantly force the lungs to work hard. Vocal courses cause a much larger volume of air to pass through the lungs than usual. In this case, a qualitative enrichment of all tissues of the body with oxygen occurs. As a result, the metabolism increases and the process of cell regeneration improves, which means it stops the aging process.

How vocal lessons affect the psychological state

Breathing is the only human function that can be regulated both by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and by awareness and willpower. In a way, breathing is the “bridge” between the ANS and our conscious mind. With the help of this “bridge” we can influence the state of our nervous system. To reduce or increase nervous tension, it is enough to breathe appropriately for several minutes. This is easy to check.

We all know that to calm down, you need to breathe deeply and evenly. And try, being in a calm state, breathe often, shortly and inconsistently. Effect on the face. There is a feeling of anxiety, I want to immediately somehow act, run somewhere, do something. Like in a stressful situation.

So work with breathing, and, accordingly, vocal exercises are very useful for those who suffer from vegetovascular dystonia, nervous disorders and panic attacks.