Pop music is a direction of modern music, a type of modern mass culture. It is a separate genre of popular music. It is the most popular direction in modern music.

The main features of pop music as a mass culture are simplicity, melody, vocals and rhythm, with less attention to the instrumental part. The main and practically the only form of composition in pop music is the song.

Pop music includes sub-genres such as europop, latin, disco, synthpop, dance music and others.

Music critics identify the following criteria for pop music as a musical genre.

Songs are built according to the conservative verse + chorus scheme. Pop songs require simple, easy-to-read melodies. The main instrument in pop music is the human voice. The accompaniment is given a secondary role: accompanying pop musicians do not play solos and most often are neither songwriters nor bandleaders. Rhythmic structure plays an important role in pop music: many pop songs are written for dancing and have a clear, unchanging beat.

Music Awards

The Brit Awards (The Brits) are the UK’s annual pop music awards show, founded by the British Phonographic Industry, and are the British equivalent of the Grammy Awards. First awarded in 1977 (annually since 1982). For classical music performers, there is a separate Classical BRIT Awards, presented in May of each year since 2000.

The Grammy is an American Recording Academy music award established by the Recording Industry Association of the United States on March 14, 1958.
The Grammys are awarded annually in 108 categories across 30 musical genres, as voted by authorized members of the Recording Academy. Successful and established artists and sound engineers may be eligible to vote in this vote. There is also the stand-alone Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement) – an award awarded for a special contribution to music.

The American Music Awards (AMA) is one of the most important US music awards ceremonies. It has been held since 1973. This award is actually the main competitor of the Grammy award, as well as other music awards. The award is given in more than eight musical genres: pop / rock, soul / R&B, country and others. The nominees for this award are chosen based on their commercial success – sales of CDs and singles. The winner from the nominees is chosen by the fans (fans) by voting.

The Billboard Music Awards is an annual music awards ceremony organized and sponsored by Billboard magazine. One of the top three music awards in the US along with the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards. It takes place in May every year.