A person has seven main chakras, each of which is responsible for the work of certain internal organs, as well as for the processes occurring in the body: emotional, physical, psychological. In order for us to feel calm, harmonious, confident, full of strength and energy, all seven chakras need to be balanced.

The opening of the chakras allows you to cleanse yourself of energy blocks, eliminate resentment and negative memories, clamps and old unnecessary prejudices. To do this, it is necessary to work each chakra with the help of special exercises and concentration of attention on certain points in the body. Vocal lessons will help with this.

The human voice is not only a means of communication, but also a natural instrument for the manifestation of wild internal processes, rooted in the depths of history, when a person was not yet the crown of creation, but a part of the natural system. With the help of the voice, people expressed pain, fear, happiness. Voice is the authentic sound of each person, awakened by the depths of consciousness and has incredible healing power.

We have repeatedly written earlier that the voice of a person makes it possible to determine our internal state and level of vitality. And not only to determine, but with the help of special exercises to correct it.

Each chakra has its own sound. By singing it and directing attention to the sound of the chakra, we can focus our attention on a certain energy center of the body and free it from negative blocks. Participants in the chakra singing courses noted that during the practice, answers to questions that have long been tormented and for which it was not possible to find solutions come by themselves.

The transformation of the state occurs due to the vibrational waves created by the sound of the voice. And since these waves come from the person himself, from his “inner universe” without any foreign interference, the process has no side effects. All cells of our body respond to the resonance of sound and receive vitality.

Chakra singing under the guidance of professionals

Our music school in Kyiv has repeatedly received requests to open special chakra singing courses. And so, our vocal teachers, after a long and painstaking work, have developed a special vocal course that allows you to work out the chakras.

Chakra singing course “I am the Muse”:

  • Allows you to harmonize the mental and physical state, and thus strengthens health.
  • Restores psychological balance and gives impetus to personal growth.
  • Develops creativity and gives inspiration for new achievements.

Conscious work with the sound of the voice gives a tremendous effect, and it does not take much time and effort. Moreover, the course is conducted online, so there is no need to waste time and effort on trips to the vocal school, but you can practice at home in a comfortable environment.