Styles in music

Music for someone is a way of life, life in general. They live and breathe music, go to bed and wake up with it. People of music, musicians are so different from ordinary people that you can immediately point your finger at such people and say unmistakably: “this is a musician.” Musicians are distinguished by their originality in appearance, behavior and views on everything. It is very interesting with them, but at the same time it is quite difficult to communicate, because they are not of this world. Like any creative person, a musician is very vulnerable, he cannot forgive the fact that someone does not think the same way as he does.

A musician sees the world and those around him from different angles than an ordinary person. Musicians of different styles of music have very different views on the world around them. For example, a rocker sees the world in dark colors, and a pop artist in pink. It is common for hip-hop to see everything and everyone around in poor colors. And so on.
The music is so diverse that sometimes it is very difficult to give the right direction to a particular composition.

There are quite a few genres of music. They join in large groups.

Classical music.

Music from the past, these are world famous works of musical art from talented authors from God. The cultural heritage of the world, the soothing sound of which is recognized as the masterpieces of the world and is alive even after tens and hundreds of years. The brightest representatives: Bach, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Schmidt and many others, whose names at the mention of everyone will recognize and respect for their musical talent. This direction can not be deciphered, what is classical music correctly knows and represents everyone. Therefore, we will not dwell on this direction for a long time.

Pop music.

Popular music, music for everyone, a wide range of people.
Pop music has two meanings. In general, pop music is, in general, all modern music performed and listened to by modern people. It includes all directions, except for folk and classical music. The second meaning of pop music as a separate musical direction, has its own peculiarity of rhythm, melody and dance sound. The emphasis is on voice and text, and then on instrumental performance. The principle of verse + hello + verse is the basis of pop music songs. The meaning of the songs of this direction: love, love experiences, sadness, melancholy and cheerful mood. There is no deep meaning in these songs. Words and music are chosen so that you can dance until you drop. Dance and don’t think about anything. This music is very light, laid-back and charged with positive energy. The performers of this direction are bright, slightly depraved people, always in the spotlight, most often because of the scandals, with the help of which they deserve wide attention. The direction of pop music has a lot of fans, this is largely due to the fact that it is heard everywhere: on radio, on television and on the Internet. It can be easily heard on the bus, in the subway and anywhere where there is a player. Pop music is played in discos. Although this direction of music is filled with some positive emotions, it still does not carry a deep meaning. It is empty in content, just a collection of words, especially in the modern world.
But it can be used for entertainment.

Hip-hop music.

This direction includes several musical directions, the most famous of which are rap and R’n’B. As a subculture, it also includes breakdancing and graffiti.
If we turn to the history of the emergence of the hip-hop direction, it can be noted that this direction was born among African Americans, who fought against injustice against their race with their creativity, and also talked about their lifestyle. That is, this is the direction of music from the slums and unfavorable, poor African-American areas of America.

Over time, hip-hop improved and gradually began to gain a wider audience, their dances, called breakdancing, all kinds of unthinkable body movements that clearly reveal the meaning of “hip-hop” – progressive movements, mental leaps, growing movements. Plus, the art called “graffiti”, painting with spray cans on walls or other places, the meaning of such images is similar to the meaning of the direction of hip-hop – the fight against injustice in their own attitude of the representatives of the poor.
In general, hip-hop is associated with rap and representatives of rap. These are young people (mostly dark-skinned) in sportswear or wide trousers / jeans, in large sneakers, with short dreadlocks on their heads or in baseball caps with a straight peak, as well as with massive jewelry on their necks and fingers, rapping with deep text of protest, ridiculing rich, and also talking about the injustices of their lives.
Having evolved, this direction has acquired even more improvements, adding a young and more entertaining direction, like R’n’B. A hip-hop dance direction that also tells about the life of poor areas, but not in a sad way.

In general, such a musical direction as hip-hop, being just a musical direction, has already become a whole culture, a very profitable, commercially successful industry and even a way of life.

Rock music.

Perhaps the most extensive and diverse direction of music. From easy to very hard. Sometimes from impossible sounding to melodic.

This direction of music got its appearance from such a direction of music as the blues. If we turn to the history of the emergence of rock, we can clearly trace its development from the lightest melodic directions that are not at all characteristic of the modern understanding of rock music. The first performers of rock music are very different from today’s rockers. In general, it would be difficult to call them rockers if they were rock performers now. Rock music appeared as a trend in the 60s of the 20th century, then there were no heavy drums, heavy riffs and screams, there was no twitching on stage and musicians had long hair. There was no crash of instruments in performances. It started showing up later. The songs contained the meaning of love for two people, and later love for everything. Also the meaning of the songs of that rock could have abstract themes. In general, rock music, as a direction of music, did not stand out especially, as it happens now. After all, now rock music and its participants are representatives of a separate subculture. Cultures of confrontation against everything habitual, imposing standard thinking, attitude towards the world and its individual parts. Such subgroups as hippies, goths, emo and others are representatives of this direction of music, only its individual sub-directions. After all, rock music has an infinite number of directions. Starting from the lightest, such as, for example, pop-rock or blues-rock, and ending with, for example, hard rock, metal and gothic rock music.
Representatives of rock music have their own peculiarity that distinguishes it from all other areas. Namely. Mandatory presence of an ensemble (a group of musicians) led by a soloist (vocalist, frontman), one, two or three (but more often two) guitarists, a drummer, plus a keyboardist, but not necessary. Performance of the songs written by own hand and only. Mandatory live performances in public, most often in the form of noisy, emotional and bright. Guitar riffs, the roar of the crowd, the voice of the vocalist with a hoarse voice – this is the description of a classic rock ensemble. The main emphasis in rock music is on the performance of instruments, namely guitars and drums, and then the sound of the voice.

The meaning of rock music songs very often ranges from mournful, somewhere tragic to philosophical, with deep meaning, from hooligan, senseless to morally difficult, with thoughts about life and death (more often about the latter).
A rock musician is always in free clothes, from hooligan: sneakers, jeans, T-shirt, baseball cap, to completely black, with metal decorations, decorations of skulls, crosses and the like. It also happens that musicians are completely or partially in leather clothes. It all depends on the direction of rock in which the musician works. Musicians of this direction are almost always tattooed or pierced.
It is not for nothing that rock music is a whole culture, because it is rock music that has the largest audience, young people and part of people of mature age. It is here that a person can disconnect from all the usual stereotypes, from the boring rules of life. He just resists all this and lives his life in full freedom. And no one will say anything against him, only praise.

However, this trend also has its worst enemies, who hate everything connected with the rock image. This is the so-called “pop”. For many years, pop music and rock music have opposed and detested each other.
Every year there are more and more directions of rock music. It can be difficult to attribute an entire new direction to one person, which is why there is a huge number of musicians on the rock scene, and it is not going to decline.

Anyone who has an ear for music, knows how to play the guitar and thinks differently, and can also write poetry, put them to music, can become a rock musician. This is what attracts more and more young people to rock music and rock life.
There is another feature of this direction. Rock music can be perfectly combined with any other direction, and then in combination it will still relate to the rock direction of music.
Hence the great variety of this unique and very popular musical direction.

Electronic music.

This music is a synthesis of sounds and melodies performed on a synthesizer, computer and other electronic instruments, including an electronic guitar. The compositions created in this direction are born from the electronic world, often represent only a separate melody, and if there is a verbal sound, then it is also made artificially. This direction of music is aimed at the dance component of its listeners, more often than other types of music it is used at discos and various parties. A common expression of the compositions of this direction is all kinds of remixes of famous songs. Electronic music is completely created with the help of musical equipment and does not carry the live sound of either the usual musical instruments or the voices of the performers.

This music is made for dancing and parties. As a rule, electronic music does not hold concerts, but musical shows are an obligatory attribute, and they are very crowded and vibrant. In this form, as we are all used to seeing this direction of music, there is a relatively short time. But the origins lie from the beginning of the 19th to the end of the 20th centuries. It was during these centuries that the phonoautograph, disc phonograph, audion, and so on were invented. These inventions became the first electronic music instruments. Of course, they cannot be compared with all today’s improvements in the music world, but it was these inventions that laid the foundation for a whole direction of music, without which the modern world cannot do.

Jazz and Blues.

The origins of these two directions have the same source – the emotional coloring of the African American people, their customs and way of life. Both styles of music are the result of labor tunes and songs of African American slaves working on plantations and doing hard work. The difference lies in the performance, the instruments used and the presence or absence of improvisation.
Jazz – its classic sound and existence is the presence of a jazz band (a musical group playing various musical instruments), exclusively focused on the sound of wind instruments, such as saxophone, trumpet, and so on, as well as piano drums and guitars. The main distinguishing feature of this direction is improvisation. If you hear a light even comic game with the sound of a saxophone, you can immediately talk about jazz.

Blues is a direction of music very much similar to the blues, but still having its own distinctive features. This direction of music can boast of the fact that almost all directions of music originated from it. First of all, it concerns jazz. It was the blues that became the parent of jazz, it is for this reason that these two trends have similar features and sometimes quite difficult to distinguish compositions. The music of this direction can be described as a dialogue of instruments among themselves in the “question-answer” structure. The basis is the main one instrument, and all the others are already beating it, turning into a single live sound, having an improvisational character. In general, if we turn to the history of the emergence of this direction, then we can say with confidence that the direction of this music is the embodiment of sore African-American slaves and workers.
So, in brief, 6 directions of modern music were covered. Each of them has its own characteristics and stands out for its distinctive features. Each of them is similar in some way, but it is with their distinctive features that they enter into their definition.

In general, music in general is something that cannot be done anywhere. Whether it’s a party, wedding, birthday, anniversary, funeral or other event, music is a tool that not only brings people together, but also gives them strength, energy and life. That is why music, whatever it is, is one of the unique inventions of mankind.