In the last article, our vocal school in Kyiv about how our ancestors used the power of sound.

It should be noted that in folklore vocals, “they didn’t lie with their voice”, that is, they didn’t try to make it more beautiful than it is.

Pop vocals have a slightly different manner of sound extraction than folk vocals. The pop vocal school assumes the direction of sound upwards. In folk singing, the “front resonator” is used, when the sound is not directed upwards, but to the one to whom it is intended.

Every time we reproduce a sound with our voice, we “draw” our interlocutor into the process of living this sound. This person is in our vibrational sound field. Vibrations affect him and, depending on his degree of receptivity, resonate with him.

That is why we are “infected” with laughter, longing, despair, etc. and for some time we carry in ourselves the state of another person, transmitted to us by means of sound. Often we are not even aware of why our mood and even physical condition has changed. And all because we adopted the “sound” of someone when we passed by (literally and figuratively).

Vocal teachers, along with specialists in the field of psychiatry and psychology, argue that vocal lessons allow not only to work out individual psycho-emotional states, but also to correct individual personality traits. Shyness, isolation and aggression gradually disappear.

Aggression and bitterness are not rhythmic. While our world is subject to different rhythms. Therefore, they carry the vibration of destruction, break the harmony of intertwining melodies. They worsen the physical condition of a person, since the experience of negative emotions is always accompanied by a broken breathing rhythm. And this affects the work of organs.

Therefore, if you want to improve your well-being on a mental, spiritual and physical level, sign up for a vocal school for beginners. Singing lessons are excellent vocal therapy.

The use of the power of sound by our ancestors

In the previous article, our vocal school introduced you to the healing effects of certain sounds and their combinations used in Eastern medicine. Did our Slavic ancestors know about the healing power of sound, and did they use it?

Absolutely yes! This is confirmed by folk vocals, the lessons of which include “chain breathing”. It is based not only on the ability to create a continuous sound, but also on the ability to increase the duration of exhalation, the fullness and depth of inspiration, which increase in accordance with the use of the abdominal (lower) type of breathing. Vocal lessons, during which chain breathing is mastered, allow you to “turn on” that subtle ear that we do not use in everyday life: the ability to feel the breath of another person and understand when he needs to inhale so that this does not happen at the same time as you and does not lead to sound interruption.

Vocal lessons in the choir restores free breathing at the subconscious level, improves the general physical condition and gives an excellent result at the psychological level, namely, it changes the view of problems: those problems that previously seemed unsolvable to a person and greatly disturbed, lose their sharpness.

The melody of old folk songs, sometimes built on only two or three notes, is extremely diverse and striking in its beauty. It harmonizes the external and internal state of a person. In our folklore, there are many so-called “jumpy” songs in which the tempo can go from low to high and vice versa. When performing such songs, the vocalist does an extremely effective breathing exercise that relieves chronic muscle tension.

In our folklore singing there is also a special manner of extracting sound: while singing, the sound seems to be sent into space, and the lips are stretched in a smile. From this, the sound becomes free and clear. And the external smile soon becomes part of the personality of the performer.

The impact of external sound was also actively used by our ancestors. The “weak” was put in the center of the circle and danced around him. “Ailment” was considered (in modern parlance) to be a failure of bioenergetic rhythms. Therefore, the patient had to be in the center of the sound impact, where it captures the space as much as possible with its vibration. Our ancestors did this without any scientific evidence – at the level of intuition. And only in our time, the benefits of such technology have been confirmed.